Gouache Paintings Raffle!
Gouache Paintings Raffle!
Gouache Paintings Raffle!
Gouache Paintings Raffle!
Shelby DeGarmo Art

Gouache Paintings Raffle!

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Hello! Let's go over the raffle information-

These paintings are original acryla gouache on watercolor paper, framed and signed on the back. This raffle will be a 100% proceeds donation to the PCRF. The last slide of this "listing" has my donation receipt from 2023 when I did a fundraiser using Patreon art, and winter art market profits! :)

How will the raffle work?

From May 15th to May 31st, tickets will be on sale here on my website. Each ticket is $5, and every ticket is another entry. You are welcome to pay for multiple tickets, it just means you would have multiple entries! The winners will be randomly selected via a random number generator across two rounds. 

I will do a random "coin flip" to choose 1 (bird), or 2 (watermelon), meaning I will randomly roll to see which painting is being drawn for first. Once that is chosen, I will do a random number generation, and the purchase that the number is assigned to will designate the winner. I'll repeat this, and have a winner for each painting. Once winners have been drawn, I will contact you via email to coordinate shipping!

*Your ticket purchase means you have the potential of winning either of these paintings- there are no separate ticket purchases for each painting.*

Regardless of "winning", I will send out a mass email with the donation receipt from the ticket sales- this will go to everyone who purchases a ticket. My ONLY email is contact@shelbydegarmo.art. Please check your promotions, spam, or commerce folders! I will also post the receipt on my social media(s)- so please keep an eye out! This email will go out the weekend following the raffle draw- meaning June 1st and 2nd. Depending on how many tickets there are I may need to do multiple email chains, so please just keep an eye out from the 31st to the 2nd!

I will ONLY notify the winner via email from my official business email. I will not DM you, or try and contact you in any other way.

I live and mail from the United States! I am open to folks entering this internationally, but you will be responsible for any import duties or fees, please keep this in mind!