a heart filled art drop is coming your way on february 5th! thank you so much for supporting independent art -shelby
a heart filled art drop is coming your way on february 5th! thank you so much for supporting independent art -shelby
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Shipping, FAQ's & Contact Info!

You are welcome to contact me at contact@shelbydegarmo.art any day!

I do my absolute best to check my emails twice a day- but please allow 24-48 hours for me to get back to you (sometimes family/work things come up and I can't check as fast)! :) Please feel welcome to email me with any questions, or just to say hi!

 Special Notices!

  • For international orders please refer to the USPS International Service Alerts. Currently I am still unable to mail to Australia, New Zealand, and a few other places due to Covid-19. Other countries may have import delays lasting for weeks. I am still accepting orders to these places, however they won't be shipped until governments allow.

Shop Drop Schedule!

First 2022 art drop coming February 5th at 3pm EST. Including original paintings, prints, stickers and perhaps a new surprise or two :)

Shipping/Order Processing

How long does shipping take?

Typically processing an order will take about 5-10 days as every order is made by hand (to order)!  Every print, sticker, accessory and original art order is made and processed by hand in my home studio, and fulfilled by me. I'm in a constant cycle of making orders, packing, and mailing things. If you have any questions at all I am more than happy to help during any point in the process, just email me! If you need something for a present/someone's birthday/holiday and maybe you're just now reading this- I can help. Just send me an email and I'll make it as fast as possible, often if you email me early enough I can get it out within 24 hours. I'm totally happy to stay up all night making an order if it means getting there in time for someone's special day :)

Clothing is fulfilled through Printful and shipping time may vary on their end, it's typically about a week! These products ship separately from my hand made art and art products as they are much larger and have to be stored with a print warehouse! :)

I never received an order confirmation or tracking number?

It's most likely that the email with your confirmation or tracking information (if applicable) went to your spam, or there may have been a typo somewhere! In any case, please email me directly at contact@shelbydegarmo.art and I can get your full order history for you! I can re-email your info or get you pdf receipts of your order and your shipping label

Does my order come with tracking?

At checkout you will see 2 shipping options: 1 with and one without tracking. Both are fulfilled by the USPS, and both are packaged with the same care. Tracking is simply to ensure your peace of mind/keep a time in observation if needed! First Class mail typically takes around 5-10 days, and Priority Mail around 3-5
First Class Mail service is non-tracked USPS Mail and Priority Mail is tracked USPS Mail. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Unless there are mailing restrictions in place, I ship wherever you are! As the notice at the top of the page mentions, Covid-19 has caused a variety of restrictions and international delays. I've chosen to still accept orders, as I want folks to be able to place orders if they have the time and finances- rather than barring them from the shop. I keep an eye on the USPS site multiple times a week to see if there are changes to when I can send off held orders! I am happy to offer whatever help I can- and I truly want to give everyone the best experience, and least amount of worries when ordering internationally. 
-last updated Jan. 8 2022**

My order was damaged

I'm so sorry to hear that! In the event the USPS damages a mailer I would appreciate two things! 1) Pictures of the damages so that I can contact USPS, and 2) Consent to reissue your order to your original order address. Please email me at: contact@shelbydegarmo.art with your order number, pictures and general info so I can get a replacement sorted out for you!

I never received my order/my order had a mistake-

I am so sorry to hear that! Although it's a rarity, there is always a chance orders may be lost in the mail, delivered to a wrong address, stolen, returned, etc. If your order goes undelivered far beyond the expected delivery date, please contact me at: contact@shelbydegarmo.art so I can facilitate a reissuing of your order. In the event of a mistake on my part, I'm happy to remedy it as fast as possible as well! *replacements are at zero cost to you, I'll cover remaking and mailing everything* <3

Where do you ship from?

North Carolina! :)

Print Texture

What is the difference between matte and holographic?

All prints are made on Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl paper! Matte prints are a semi-gloss photo paper, and are the original print texture alone. Whereas holographic prints have a rainbow star sheen! If you check out this image below, the raccoon print has the holographic overlay, whereas the prints surrounding it are typical matte finish!

How do shop drops work?

You may often hear me announce on my socials that a shop drop is coming soon! You may also notice that my shop is open 24/7- I don't close it for down time! 
Shop drops are a way for me to space out time to make new art, and make it as fair as possible for folks to access them at the same time. On a shop drop I'll typically have a collection of new original paintings, prints, stickers and other merch! Anything that isn't a unique piece (like an original painting, or sometimes limited merch!) will stay up permanently! Original canvases and any other special items will be limited to (1) or however many I am able to make, and once they're gone, they're gone <3 By doing this through a drop format though, I can ensure it is as fair and equal opportunity as possible for folks to snag an original if they'd like